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Isn’t Google Analytics great? It works even when we don’t. The team is taking a holiday hiatus (and you should, too!), but if you just can’t resist the urge to brush up on your marketing, here are our Top 10 posts from 2018. From blogs to “best” lists, the Google machine has the definitive list of what our readers found to be the most important legal marketing topics for 2018.

Make Sure Your Website Is Compliant with the State Bar of Texas Ad Rules

ad rules complianceThe Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct include many regulations that cover exactly what can and cannot be included on legal websites. Unfortunately, many sites are launched in a rush with no consideration for the implications of having a noncompliant site. Let’s fix that.

Comply with Me


Using Your Professional Bio to Impress Potential Law Firm Clients

Online Lawyer BioWhether a potential client has heard about your legal work from a friend, colleague or a simple internet search, the first place they visit for more information is your online professional bio. The key is making sure that what you say about yourself is well written, organized, and presented in a way that will impress the people who see it.

Don’t Start With Where You Were Born


Deciphering the State Bar of Texas Advertising Rules with Gene Major

For more than 20 years, the State Bar of Texas advertising rules have governed lawyer advertising, including print and electronic ads, websites, brochures and practically any communication about a lawyer’s legal services that reaches the public. Despite two decades of regulation, Texas lawyers and law firms still have questions about exactly what is and isn’t allowed, and the potential impact for violations. We talk with the chief of all ad rules, Gene Major, on what is permitted – and the consequences for rule-breakers.

Gene Has the Answers

LinkedIn Is Boring – But Lawyers Should Be There Anyway

LinkedIn is BoringLinkedIn is the least popular of all the big social media channels, but it’s still considered a must for companies looking for business and individuals looking for work. In this Texas Bar Today Top 10 blog post we show you how to use it effectively for your law practice.

Be Boring


BigLaw Business Development Secrets for Small Firms

Deborah GrabeinBig law firms have more resources – including money, staff, and lawyers – than boutiques, small firms and solos. But small firms have the ability to make quick decisions, pursue marketing initiatives that would give big firms intestinal distress, and generally be more agile than big firms. Hunton Andrews Kurth’s Deborah Grabein shares shares some ideas to help small firms turn their perceived weakness into a business development strength.

Be Small. Think Big.

4 Reasons You Should Still Issue a Press Release

Vintage typewriters spelling out NEWS to illustrate the continuing relevance of press releasesIn the era of online content marketing, the press release seems as quaint and outdated as the fax machine. But a well-written, concise, timely press release remains one of the most potent vehicles for getting your law firm’s story in front of important audiences. In this blog post, we make the case to stick with tradition and keep the press release alive.

Control the Conversation


So, You Received an RFP. Now What?

Request for ProposalNo matter the size or type of practice of a law firm, almost every firm has had its fair share of preparing responses to Request for Proposals (RFPs). They can be challenging, time-consuming and an exercise in frustration. But in many companies, the procurement department or the legal operations team require their outside counsel to participate in the RFP process. So, should you find yourself with an RFP on your desk, these steps can lessen the challenges of preparing your response.

Here’s What We Propose

Legal Blogging for Business Development

typewriter displaying the word bloggingLegal blogs are a relatively low-cost way for lawyers to promote their expertise and demonstrate their knowledge to clients, prospective clients and referral sources. Blogging is also an excellent way for solos and small firm lawyers with niche practices to spur business development and raise their profile in a competitive marketplace.

Start Your Blog


‘Best Lawyers’ Lists: D Magazine Edition

So, you made a “best lawyer” list. Congratulations! Yes, we know, lawyers, and the plucky marketers who serve them, have a love/hate relationship with these lists. But they aren’t going anywhere. We’ve got some tips for making your peace with “best” lists, and for spreading the word if you made one.

Be Best


Getting Past the ‘Ick’ Factor in Legal Marketing

Hand holding worm to symbolize how marketing can be ickyOne of the biggest impediments to embarking on a full-throttle marketing plan is the reluctance many lawyers have about tooting their own horn. Simply put, lots of people find the act of marketing themselves to be icky. But mortgage and tuition payments don’t grow on trees, so if we want to stay solvent, we have to find ways to make marketing less icky.

Reframe Your Marketing


There you have it! The rundown for 2018. If you missed out on any of our posts last year, never fear. We have a great lineup for 2019, so set yourself up for marketing success and subscribe to our semi-monthly newsletter for legal marketing news, tips and tricks delivered to your inbox.

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