Content Marketing for Law Firms

Most lawyers aren’t comfortable with flashy advertising or high-pressure sales tactics. Neither are we, frankly. That’s why we’re fans of content marketing.

With content marketing, you’re focused on providing substantive information relevant to your clients, prospective clients, and referral sources. And then, using a variety of tactics, you make sure that content is seen by your most important audiences.

Content marketing can help you be seen as a thought leader and a source of genuine value in your practice area. It can also help you stay top-of-mind with your existing network.

Our content marketing work primarily consists of:

  • Blogging
  • Law firm newsletters
  • Website text
  • Social media
  • News releases


Blogging can serve as the cornerstone of an excellent content marketing campaign. Lawyers can use their professional blogs to write on the topics that will position them as leaders in their industries, in their regions, and among their peers.

Often, however, lawyers don’t know where to start. From the perennial question, “What should I blog about?,” to design and posting frequency, we are here to help attorneys turn their lawyer thoughts into blogger actions.

We serve as our clients’ marketing quarterback by generating blog topics, managing editorial calendars, ghostwriting, editing, publication, and search engine optimization. Or, if you prefer a hands-off approach, we can use your existing branded content to develop your professional blog from scratch before handing over the keys so you can take over.

Law firm newsletters

At Muse Communications, we design and develop e-newsletters that clients, potential clients, and colleagues actually want to read. Crafting an e-newsletter is both an art and a science. It’s also an area where we have a particular knack, if we do say so ourselves.

The Art

A good e-newsletter begins with a template that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We work with our clients to build email templates that align with their branding and technical needs. Once we have a unique, recyclable template, that becomes the starting point for each newsletter. We then select appropriate images, draft text for approval, and determine the proper target lists and distribution times. Muse Communications is experienced in all aspects of e-newsletter development from design to deployment.

The Science

Sending a newsletter, however, goes beyond design and deployment. Our content marketing professionals help you create a viable (and CAN-SPAM plus GDPR compliant) recipients list. After the initial distribution, we analyze the data to see who’s reading your newsletter. These distribution reports provide insights into everything from the types of email formats your audience prefers; when recipients are most likely to open your message; and who repeatedly visits your blog posts. By leveraging this constant feedback, we can create highly targeted, vibrant campaigns.


If you’re looking to build a new website from scratch or refresh your current site, we can help. Working with our developer or yours (if you already have one), we provide the oversight and experience that ensures your website launches on time and that it complies with State Bar of Texas Advertising Rules.

We’ll also make sure it looks good, is informative, and that it’s found by search engines and your future clients.

In addition to design and development, our website services include writing and editing effective, State Bar-compliant text. Because our team is comprised of veteran legal reporters and law firm PR professionals, this is where we stand out.

Social media

If blogs are the cornerstone of content marketing, social media is the lightning rod.

With the ability to attract the attention of all your followers to one specific point, social media is widely cited as one of the least expensive and most effective methods of telling your firm’s story and getting in front of your prospective clients.

That said, to truly leverage social media as an effective marketing tool, practitioners must think of it as an essential element of the content marketing ecosystem. Gone are the days of having the summer intern set up a Twitter account. Savvy content marketers dedicate resources to their social channels, much as they would to developing a website or designing a logo.

At Muse Communications, we help our clients get up and running on all social channels, from the buttoned-up LinkedIn to the more freewheeling Twitter. We develop our clients’ professional pages, populate the “about” sections, and assist with creating social media updates and planning content calendars.

Your social media channels are a lively extension of your brand. When used strategically, they can showcase your firm’s personality and capture the interest of followers.

News releases

The content marketing pros at Muse Communications have been writing lawyer news releases for decades. While news releases typically fall under the umbrella of public relations, in the digital world they are a great tool for enhancing your exposure online.

For example, in addition to sending a news release through the normal channels (including wire services and direct emails to reporters and publishers), the team at Muse Communications can adapt your news for social media, draft and post a related story to your blog, and create an email newsletter that provides your contacts with relevant information about breaking news (such as a recent verdict, a high-profile award, or a new firm name).

Through leveraging their solid foundation in legal communications, our team has the skills to turn your story into a valuable content marketing campaign.

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