Public Relations

Muse Communications provides decades of experience in all types of public relations matters, from establishing and maintaining media relationships to managing crisis communications matters. Our team helps lawyers and law firms put their best foot forward, whether they’re announcing good news or helping defend a client from negative public perceptions.

Media Relations

The Muse Communications team includes former print and broadcast professionals who know how the media works and what it takes to get our clients in front of influential reporters and editors. From announcing legal victories and new hires to promoting firms and lawyers for feature stories, we have handled practically every type of media outreach over the years.

Our media relations expertise includes drafting and distributing informative news releases aimed at landing our clients in the news and increasing their profile where it’s most important. Those same news releases also serve a dual role as vehicles for effective content marketing.

We have developed long-term relationships with reporters and editors who cover the industries that matter most to our clients – and our clients’ clients. Our friends in the media include reporters and editors from legal publications, television and radio stations, influential websites, and many other outlets.

Crisis Communications

Muse Communications regularly assists lawyers and their clients with crisis communications. In today’s accelerated news cycle, professional reputations can be ruined in only minutes or hours without correct safeguards or a clear response strategy.

Our team members have helped defend individuals, local businesses, and large corporate interests in the court of public opinion. We tackle crisis communications from the outset by establishing clear lines of communication with counsel and key parties before determining the most important audiences. Our approach is straightforward and we avoid mixed messages or other inconsistencies that can lead to more problems down the road. We have helped many clients emerge from crisis situations by effectively presenting their side of the story and taking their accusers head-on.

We provide media training and practice interviews for clients who want to relay their message personally. We also serve as spokespeople in situations where it is more appropriate to have a third party handle media inquiries and requests for comment.

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