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The White Collar Defense Report® | July 2021 News Roundup, by The Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr.’s Dan Guthrie. Health care fraud investigations and prosecutions are on the rise, and scrutiny of health professionals can lead to career-ending charges, writes white collar defense attorney Dan C. Guthrie, Jr. In his monthly rundown of the DOJ’s prosecution priorities, Dan is shifting the spotlight to health care scams and cautions health professionals to keep careful records.

My 3 Most Frequently Asked Family Law Questions, by The Law Office of Carol A. Wilson’s Carol Wilson. There are many misconceptions about Texas Community and Separate Property and custody disputes between parents. In this post, family lawyer Carol Wilson answers the three most common questions she gets from her clients, starting with, “At what age can children refuse to visit the other parent?”

Lessons From the Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Lawsuits, by Jackson Spencer Law’s Jennifer Spencer. On June 30, 2021, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the conviction of well-known comedian (and once “America’s father”) Bill Cosby. The decision followed decades of litigation and was one of the first major wins of the #MeToo movement. Proponents of the MeToo movement are (understandably) worried that Cosby’s release is a step backwards for victims of sexual assault. Employee advocate Jennifer Spencer explains why she thinks the movement is still alive and well.

Signer Beware: What to Think About Before Setting Up Joint Bank Accounts, by Brousseau Naftis & Massingill’s Elayna Naftis Erick. Opening a joint bank account with a spouse, partner, parent, or child is a routine procedure for many people as part of their estate planning process. However, depending on how the account is set up, it could lead to some problems in accessing the account down the line. Elayna Naftis Erick explains why it’s important to seek the advice of an attorney before opening a joint account.

The White Collar Defense Report® | June 2021 News Roundup, by The Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr.’s Dan Guthrie. The June WCDR features cases involving weed, weddings and Walter Reed, plus even more schemes involving cattle. White collar defense attorney Dan C. Guthrie, Jr. shares his monthly rundown of the DOJ’s prosecution priorities.

Brousseau Naftis & Massingill’s ‘New’ Attorney Helps Clients Keep Their Eyes on the Prize, via Brousseau Naftis & Massingill. A nearly 30-year attorney with a passion for service, Cynthia Dooley is the newest addition to the roster of Brousseau Naftis & Massingill’s practitioners. Her practice focuses on resolving wills, trusts, estates and probate issues for her clients. To that end, Ms. Dooley’s guiding principle is “keep your eyes on the prize,” and she has found that for most people the prize is universal: a peaceful, financially secure life in the company of loved ones.

Refinancing A Separate Property Home During Marriage, by The Law Office of Carol A. Wilson’s Carol Wilson. Homeowners refinance their homes for a variety of reasons, usually to take advantage of lower interest rates. Family attorney Carol Wilson cautions that, when a married homeowner refinances a home that is their separate property (e.g. if they owned the home before the marriage), they need to be sure that, in the flurry of paperwork, they don’t unwittingly give half of their separate property home to their spouse.

What Employers Should Know About the COVID Vax Tax Credit, by Grable Martin Fulton’s Heather Kramer. To encourage more COVID-19 vaccinations, President Biden has announced a tax credit for employers that provide paid time off for their employees who take time off to receive and recover from a COVID-19 vaccination. Employment and labor attorney Heather Kramer shares some specifics that employers need to know about this credit, which is part of the American Rescue Plan.

Amid Pandemic, Some Executives Still Exit with Eye-Popping Severance Packages, by Jackson Spencer Law’s Jennifer Spencer. In this article, employee rights attorney Jennifer Spencer takes a closer look at top-notch severance packages that executives have received since the start of the pandemic. Then, she dives into some of the legal changes that have happened since 2019 and how they may impact severance negotiations in the future. Finally, she offers a few actionable tips for negotiating a severance if an employer is facing workforce reductions.

How to Get Your Spouse out of the House, by Brousseau Naftis & Massingill’s Elayna Naftis Erick. Accepting that you need to separate from your spouse is a difficult process. However, no matter how a person comes to that decision and what the reasons are behind it, once a person decides that they need to separate from their spouse, the most common question that comes next is, “Now, how do I get my spouse out of the house?” Family lawyer Elayna Naftis Erick shares some options.

Suzy Fulton Receives Award of Excellence from the Honorable Barbara M.G. Lynn American Inn of Court, via Grable Martin Fulton. Congratulations to Suzy Fulton, who received the Lisa Evert Award of Excellence from the Honorable Barbara M.G. Lynn American Inn of Court. This Inn of Court was established in 2011 and focuses on the intellectual property legal community. Suzy was the co-leader of the Lynn Inn’s 2020-2021 Aeronautics and Astronautics pupilage group.

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