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Forshey Prostok LLP in the News, via Forshey Prostok LLP The firm has had some attention in the press lately, partly because of the growth in bankruptcy cases in Texas; partly for the recent addition of partner Deirdre Carey Brown, who planted our flag in Houston; and partly for our work in the Chesapeake Energy case, in which we represent the official committee of royalty owners. Here’s a compilation of their recent coverage.

What Small Businesses Need to Know about Required COVID Leave, by Luna Law’s Rachel Luna. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) provides new federally mandated leave requirements that generally apply to all public and private employers with fewer than 500 employees. The new leave, Paid Sick Leave (PSL) and Expanded Family and Medical Leave (Expanded FMLA), must be provided from April 1, 2020, through December 31, 2020, and each covered employer must post, in a conspicuous place on its premises, a notice of the FFCRA’s requirements. Small business attorney Rachel Luna has the details that business owners should keep in mind.

Texas Bankruptcy Law Firm Forshey Prostok LLP Adds Additional Firepower, via Forshey Prostok LLP. The complex bankruptcy and restructuring law firm Forshey Prostok L.L.P. is pleased to announce the addition of Michael D. “Mickey” Ricketts as Of Counsel in the firm’s Fort Worth headquarters. Mickey, who handles bankruptcy and commercial litigation, has also done extensive work as an intellectual property litigator, successfully representing plaintiffs and defendants in complex patent infringement cases.

Forshey Prostok Welcomes Deirdre Carey Brown, via Forshey Prostok LLP. Forshey Prostok LLP is proud to announce the addition of Deirdre Carey Brown, pllc, as a Partner in the firm’s Houston office. Board Certified in Business Bankruptcy by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Deirdre has 20 years of bankruptcy and restructuring experience. Her work includes representing both Chapter 11 debtors, official committees, creditors, and equity, in a variety of industries, with particular focus in the construction and energy markets.

The Teen Who Enjoys Reading About Marginal Income Tax: A Q&A with Intern Elaine Mei, via Grable Martin Fulton. Grable Martin Fulton is excited to introduce their summer intern, Dartmouth class of ‘23 student, Elaine Mei. This economics major and public policy minor has been a great help around the distributed office and has quickly taken to all the projects she’s assigned. From administrative assistance to valuation research and drafting memos, Elaine approaches every task with integrity and enthusiasm. They’re happy to have her on the team!

CBS Affiliate Found in Violation of Age Discrimination Protections, by Jackson Spencer Law’s Jennifer Spencer. In this hot take on a recent ADEA verdict, employment attorney Jennifer Spencer discuses a case involving a veteran traffic reporter who was passed over for a full-time position in favor of a younger candidate. Read on for an analysis and key takeaways.

On the Law and the Links: A Q&A with Gary Hays, via Grable Martin Fulton, PLLC. While working at Samsung, Gary Hays learned the nuances of cross-cultural communication, as well as the skills that a lawyer needs when handling all aspects of working with a widely distributed consumer product. From financial issues to advertising, his time as a general counsel led him to cultivate a holistic perspective of law and business. Ready on to learn more about Grable Martin’s new attorney.

The White Collar Defense Report® July 2020 News Roundup, via The Law Offices of Dan C. Guthrie, Jr. In this excerpt from white collar defense attorney Dan C. Guthrie‘s regular newsletter, he provides a roundup of PPP Prosecution news from the DOJ, as well as updates in healthcare fraud. Read on and subscribe to his newsletter for more information on how executives can protect themselves and their companies.

Exercising Those Engineering Muscles: A Q&A with William Harding, via Grable Martin Fulton, PLLC. Grable Martin Fulton is welcoming new attorney Bill Harding, whose journey to law was slightly unconventional. We often hear stories about children following in their parent’s footsteps, but for Bill, his road to a legal career went the other way around. Inspired by his son to pursue a J.D., Bill uses his skills developed from years in the Air Force and private practice as an engineer and tech consultant to provide his clients with tailored patent law knowledge.

Are Covid-19 Waivers a Help or a Hindrance?, by Luna Law’s Rachel Luna. Many business owners, concerned about potential future COVID-19 exposure claims from employees and/or customers, are deciding whether they should use waivers of liability to help address these concerns. Rachel Luna, counsel to small businesses, discusses the pros and cons of whether to institute a waiver policy.

Exercising Those Engineering Muscles: A Q&A with William Harding, via Grable Martin Fulton, PLLC. We often hear stories about children following in their parent’s footsteps, but for William Harding, his road to a career in law went the other way around. Inspired by his son to pursue a J.D., Bill uses his skills developed from years in the Air Force and private practice as an engineer and tech consultant to provide his clients with tailored patent law knowledge.

The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens: Chapter 8, “The Chainsaw,” via The Castañeda Firm. “I didn’t set out to be a lawyer,” writes oil and gas litigator Chrysta Castañeda. “Growing up in the suburbs of Wichita, Kansas, I liked math and science. I came by my interests honestly. My dad was an aeronautical engineer who worked for decades at Beech Aircraft, which was later bought by Raytheon and is now known as Hawker Beechcraft. My sisters, Cathy and Cheryl, and my little brother, David, also studied engineering, and most of us married engineers. Law wasn’t in my DNA.” In this excerpt from her book, The Last Trial of T. Boone Pickens, Chrysta discusses her road to law, how she earned her nickname “The Chainsaw,” and the challenges she overcame to grow her practice.

Serious Defects In Your Recently Purchased Home? Here’s What To Know About Bringing A Claim, by Cawthon Law, Lance Cawthon. For most people, buying a home will be the biggest single purchasing decision of a lifetime, one requiring much time, deliberation, and money. But imagine moving into a newly acquired home only to be surprised by major problems like recurring water intrusion or a faulty foundation. It doesn’t just break your heart. It can also bust your budget. What if you know or suspect the problem was there before you were, but no one bothered to tell you? Are you simply stuck in a “money pit” like Tom Hanks in a wacky comedy from the 80s, or can you hold someone else accountable for what you didn’t know and weren’t told? Real estate attorney Lance Cawthon sheds some light on a complicated topic.

Recent Cawthon Law Results, via Cawthon Law. Big wins, complete verdicts and dismissals with prejudice resulting in recovered attorney’s fees — civil litigator Lance Cawthon has achieved some solid resolutions for his clients. Read on to learn more.

Considerations When an Employee Refuses to Return to Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic, by Luna Law’s Rachel Luna. As local businesses have begun expanding and reopening their operations, a unique issue has emerged—some employees are refusing to return to work, often out of concerns related to COVID-19. As a counsel to small business, attorney Rachel Luna provides some considerations that should be made if any of your employees are refusing to return to work as you begin to expand or restart your operations.

A SCOTUS Win for LGBTQ Employees!, by Jackson Spencer Law’s Jennifer Spencer. “As an employee rights attorney,” writes Jennifer Spencer, “I am ecstatic to share the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.” Thanks to this new decision, federal workplace discrimination protections now extend to LGBTQ employees. Here’s some background on the cases that led to the decision, as well as what this means for employees across the country.

Title VII of 1964 Civil Rights Act Protects LGBTQ Workers, SCOTUS Rules, by Clouse Brown’s Megan Smale. The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision in gay and transgender rights cases that were argued in October 2019, at the beginning of the Court’s current term. Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act is a critical anti-discrimination law protecting employees, and the Supreme Court extended the law’s protection against being disciplined, fired, or denied a job opportunity to gay, lesbian, and transgender employees. Executive employment attorney Megan Smale discusses what this means for employers.

Reopening Issues and Resources, by Luna Law’s Rachel Luna. In an effort to provide continued support to the small business community, business attorney Rachel Luna has compiled a list of preliminary issues and steps for business leaders to consider as they begin to slowly expand or restart operations. These steps have been prepared in alignment with recent federal and state orders and guidance and, although not exhaustive, should assist organizations that are expanding operations and/or reopening in a manner that helps prevent the introduction and spread of COVID-19.

How Would T. Boone Pickens Have Bounced Back from the COVID-19 Pandemic?, by The Castañeda Firm’s Chrysta Castañeda. In this article originally published in The Oklahoman, oil and gas litigator, and attorney in Pickens’ last trial, Chrysta Castañeda explores how the legendary oilman’s worldview can be applied to the current crisis. “T. Boone Pickens didn’t live to see the COVID-19 pandemic,” writes Chrysta, “but he knew something about weathering difficult times.”

Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: How to Stand Up for Your Rights and The Rights of Others, by Jackson Spencer Law’s Jennifer Spencer. As racial tensions reach a boiling point in the United States, employee advocate Jennifer Spencer wanted to take time to discuss racial discrimination in the workplace. Despite laws and progress made in some sectors to curb racial discrimination, it still exists in nearly every aspect of American life. In this article, she provides advice on how to respond if you experience racial discrimination in the workplace, as well as how to protest or take a stand against racial injustice without suffering negative repercussions to your career.

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