Howdy from our ‘Paris Office’

If we sound a little more international these days, that’s because we now have a Paris office – if only temporarily.

Longtime Muser Christina Di Pinto and her husband (and occasional Muser) Chris Kobler are living the remote working dream from Paris, with side trips to Amsterdam, Bruges, and Cannes. Nowadays, when the rest of the Muse team clocks in, Christina and Chris have already been up for hours, making us look like slackers.

Sadly, this is just a temporary gig. Christina and Chris will be back stateside soon. But, now that they have the digital nomadic bug, we suspect this will be far from the last time we see Christina and Chris in front of envy-inducing Zoom backdrops. We’ll be bracing ourselves for pyramids, pagodas, and penguins as soon as Google Flights announces its next price drop. (Don’t they know we have our very own Paris right here in Texas?)

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