What should I blog about?

I’ve been helping lawyers maintain their blogs for several years now, so I’ve been answering the question “What should I blog about?” for a long time.

I’ve always had a standard answer: You should write about things your clients and potential clients need to know about. That could be any and all of the following:

  • Recent developments in your area of expertise: new laws, new regulations, economic or political developments that could impact your clients, etc.
  • Upcoming and anticipated changes in your area of expertise: potential new laws and regulations that could affect your clients, etc.
  • Any news stories that intersect with your practice area: celebrity divorces for family lawyers, changes in trade secret law for IP lawyers, etc.
  • Anything that gives you a chance to remind readers of standard advice clients can’t hear enough of: know what your employment contract says, what to negotiate with your insurance provider up-front, etc.
  • Answers to commonly asked questions from your clients or prospective clients: how to best avoid litigation, what do I need to be doing if I’m considering divorce, etc.

Anything that demonstrates your expertise in your practice area but that isn’t blatantly self-promotional is fodder for your blog. Find a few perennial topics, a few things you feel strongly about, and don’t overthink it.

“What’s common sense to you,” I tell them, “is probably fresh news to the people who hire you.”

And, most important, don’t be too long-winded. Nobody wants to read a 6,000-word blog post.

So that’s what I’ve been telling my clients for years.

Now, I’ve started my own business (*applause sign*) and I have to maintain my own blog. And I have no idea what to write about.

A development made more alarming by the fact that I am a writer.

So, to kick start my blog, StoryTime, I’ve decided to answer that perennial question: What should I blog about?

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • Tips for telling your story in a way that separates you from the crowd
  • Easy ways to boost your online presence without spending a fortune
  • How women lawyers can address and overcome gender bias when it comes to marketing themselves

Just as I advise my clients to do, I may piggyback on current events if they’re illustrative. The presidential campaign is the most glaring example of an ongoing current event that could provide lessons in communications, but there are doubtless others that will present themselves.

And, in acknowledgement of the fact that I don’t have a lock on wisdom, I’ll definitely share the words and wisdom of others in this field.

Most importantly, I’ll be brief.

So stay tuned. Subscribe.

And wish me luck!

P.S. If there’s a topic you’d like me to write about, email me at amy.hunt@MuseCommunicationsLLC.com

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