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How to Answer ‘What Should I Blog About?’

A good legal blog is one of the cornerstones of a solid content marketing program for any lawyer or law firm. It’s also one of the most efficient and affordable ways for a lawyer to showcase his or her expertise.

Once you’ve posted something on your blog, of course, you have to get it in front of readers. But the central question, “What should I blog about?,” is enough to keep many people from launching a blog, let alone embarking on a more comprehensive content marketing program.

The good news is that in an hour or so of brainstorming – aided by a glass or three of wine, if you’re so inclined – you can probably generate a dozen solid ideas that can populate your firm’s blog for months. Add to that the occasional firm news, “best lawyer” listing, etc., and you’ve got a vibrant legal blog.

Legal Blogger Writing Prompts

Here are some prompts to get you thinking about good blog post content:

  • Have there been any recent developments in your area of expertise? These could be new laws, new regulations, recent court rulings, or economic or political developments that could impact your clients. These are definitely bipartisan gifts. Are more regulations being enacted? That’s news. Are regulations being rescinded? That’s also news!
  • Upcoming and anticipated changes in your area of expertise. Of course, Congress is almost always in session, so they can cause trouble year-round. And regulatory bodies are always doing their thing. But the consistently fun Texas Legislature will be in session starting in January 2019, and your clients are definitely interested in what’s in store for them in Austin. (Trade groups are great sources for this info. Combine their intel with your legal knowledge and you’ve got a stew.)
  • Any news stories that intersect with your practice area: celebrity divorces for family lawyers, storms for insurance lawyers, sexual harassment lawsuits for employment lawyers. It never ends.
  • Look at the calendar: There are predictable events that happen every year that you can use a launching pad for a blog post. Tax time, New Year’s, Labor Day, even Take Your Dog to Work Day.
  • FAQs: OK, so there’s no big news, or you don’t have time to research new laws, etc. Ask yourself, “What are the five most common questions I get from clients?” That’s five blog posts right there. These are any questions that give you a chance to remind readers of standard advice clients can’t hear enough of: know what your employment contract says, what to negotiate with your insurance provider up-front, what to do before you get a divorce, etc.

‘Common Sense’ Advice

Anything that demonstrates your expertise in your practice area but that isn’t blatantly self-promotional is fodder for your blog. Find a few perennial topics, a few things you feel strongly about, and don’t overthink it.

This last point is worth mentioning because I have several clients who write blog posts and say “I don’t know, this feels like common sense.” Yes, I tell them, it’s common sense to someone with a law degree and 20 years’ experience in your practice area. But to a CFO, an HR executive, or a business owner, it may be new and very important information.

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If you’re ready to get going but you’re looking for some strategic guidance, or maybe even a quarterback who can make sure your blog posts get written, published, optimized, and, most importantly, seen, drop us a line.

Amy Boardman Hunt Muse CommunicationsAmy Boardman Hunt is all about helping lawyers find their voice and showcase their expertise. When she’s not doing that, she’s trying to find great hiking spots in Dallas. If you know of any – or you need a legal marketing muse – drop her a line at amy.hunt@muselegalpr.com.

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